Focused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy System

A Proved Long Term Solution For Erectile Dysfunction





Expect a significant and long-lasting improvement of erectile function for at least 70% of male patients, depending on severity and case history.

E300 improves the quality of erections and restores spontaneity to patients’ sex life.

Biological Mechanism

Shockwave Therapy is the first-line therapy for erectile dysfunction

1st-line therapy

Shockwave therapy

Oral pharmacotherapy

Vacuum erection devices

2nd-line therapy

Intracavernous injections

3rd-line therapy

Penile prostheses

Innovation in ESWT

WIKKON Shockwave Therapy System (E300) treats erectile dysfunction at the cell level. Instead of being a temporary measure, E300 encourages neovascularization in the penis shaft and crus, providing a long-term increment in blood flow to the penis and overall performance.
- The result is visible in 2 weeks
- Unique and patented applicator
- Dual heads for wide applications
- Touchscreen and footswitch control
- And more

2 weeks


  • The result of improvement is visible in 2 weeks
  •  Mild cases restore natural erection without PDE5
  •  Severe cases from being non-responsive to responsive to PDE5

20 minutes


  •  20 minutes for each session
  •  4-session treatment in 4 weeks
  • Outpatient procedure

2 heads


  •  1 piece of curved linear shockwave applicator giving full coverage of the penile shaft and crura for treatment of erectile dysfunction
  •  1 piece of round focused shockwave applicator for Peyronie’s disease and other applications (Focused shockwave applicator is optional)

2 controls


  • User-friendly touchscreen for all functions control
  • Footswitch control when both hands are occupied

And more to discover

  • The optional durable and articulated arm is as flexible as a human arm to help hold the applicator easily and precisely
  • Mobile trolley for device transportation

Introduction to E300