High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapy System

An Innovative Green Therapy for Cancer
HIFU-2001 is the innovative, non-invasive and green modality to treat cancers. It offers the patient a choice of painless and free of radiation. Hundreds of thousands of patients have benefited from this promising technology.

- Non-invasive, radiation-free and pain-free
- Outpatient procedures for fast operation and fast healing
- Repeatable treatment with easy operation
- The most promising technology for tumor treatment
Automatic Dual Focusing

With the unique ADF technique, the ultrasound beam is dispersed onto 8 individual sub-ejectors.

The eight sub-ejectors with a diameter of 60mm further focus the beam to a single point.

The ADF technique can achieve a non-painful treatment purpose.
Thermal Coagulation

HIFU-2001 can increase the temperature of tumor tissue up to 65℃-100℃.

When the temperature comes to 65℃, the tumor cells can be destroyed in 0.3 seconds.

At the temperature of 100℃, the tumor cells can be killed within 0.1 seconds

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